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Being Single and Healthy: Is There a Correlation?

The status of being single and alone can be a devastating reality to many people, but new research now has showed that being single isn't necessarily bad for you. It's true that people in successful relationships and marriages are statistically the happiest bunch, but it is this same fact that raised the question whether being single can be still healthy for those people who are unfortunate or unlucky enough to find someone to share their lives with.

The recent study pointed out that the number of single individuals has been on the rise since the 1950s. But does it mean that these people are more at a disadvantage than those in relationships, successful marriages, and with kids? Fortunately, that's not necessarily the case and everything really depends on your approach and attitude to your solitude.happy single woman So, if you’re single, just know it is okay to remain free and foot-loose, at least as far as your health is concerned. And here are some reasons why.

You maintain your physique

According to researcher, it's been discovered that single people gain less weight as compared to those in relationships, who normally have a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) than is required for good health. That's because couples, in general, tend to eat more but work out less. If you didn't know, high BMIs above 30.0 can lead to health issues like heart disease, diabetes and cancers, among others.

In a survey of over 13000 individuals, it was discovered that single people are more inclined to take up healthy habits than those who are married. More specifically, the average single male – young or middle-aged – spends 6 hours and 3 mins a week taking part in physical exercises, which is more than twice the time most married men are ready to spare. The same applies to single females, who work-out for an average of 4 hours and 25mins.

You maintain your psychological well-being and expand your creative and productive limits

Numerous studies show that for some people being single can create a positive mindset and mentality, which leaves room for limitless creativity and productivity. These two are not only good for a good emotional status and general well-being, but are also key to maintaining optimal mental health.

Another recent research showed that many single people are more well-centered psychologically, and possess a renewed self-determination and outlook on things and life. Furthermore, single people have fewer responsibilities and thus, unlike couples, are less affected by negative situations in their lives.

In conclusion, being in a meaningful relationship is always better than being single for most of us. However, if you happen to be between relationships at the moment, remember that you can use this time for self-improvement, both physical and mental. The trick is to have the right attitude towards your being single.