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3 Simple Pieces of Advice to a Better Sex Life

When you meet someone for the first time or as you are just starting to date, everything seems perfect. The spicy romance, the candlelit dinner and the hours you spend locked in the bedroom doing all sorts of things are what characterize a perfect sex life. However, after some time the fire seems to die down, and this is more so when kids start coming. But, here are three tips that you can use in your relationship or marriage to keep the fire burning.

1. Never ignore sexual problems

Sexual problems are very common, but they are definitely something that you cannot afford to ignore. A recent study by the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston found that almost half of all women and a third of the male population have some form of sexual problem.spice it up

These problems are one of the biggest hindrances to the achievement of a fulfilling sex life, and so it is vital to not only talk about them but also to try and find treatment or remedy. Hiding any problems you might have from your partner will only make things worse. Communication is vital in an intimate relationship, and this does not just only apply to problems but in all other aspects of a relationship.

2. Experiment with new things

If you stay with someone for many years, whether you are dating or married, you will get comfortable, and this is what might make your sex life boring. Many couples are not willing to try new things; they just stick to their usual sexual routine, and this is a terrible mistake.

For example, practicing the same sex positions all the time, and doing it in the same trite place like your bedroom can turn sex - one of the greatest pleasures accessible to both men and women - into tedious monotony. Experimenting with new things, on the other hand, is the surest way to spice up your sex life, and to do this you should find out your partner’s fantasies and try to fulfill at least some of them.

3. Keep trying

You cannot just wake up one day and find your sex life flawless and free of any problems. Sex is a very important part of an adult person's life, and if it's not satisfactory, it usually takes a lot of effort and persistence to improve it.

You cannot afford just to give up on your partner, and this is even more so when you are in a committed relationship. Sexologists advise couples never to settle for an average sex life but instead keep trying to make it better until it’s absolutely satisfactory to both of the partners.

Whether you are dating or married, your sex life is one of the main things that determine the level of fulfillment in the relationship. And although it might seem challenging to overcome shortcomings that make your sex life less than perfect, you certainly have to do it anyway because after you've overcome them at last, you'll be so much happier in your relationship.