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Everything You Need To Know About Generic Cialis

Erectile dysfunction is an increasingly common problem among adult males ages 35 and older. This development is largely attributed to lifestyle and environmental factors such as smoking, excess alcohol consumption, sedentary living and exposure to pesticides, herbicides and other toxins. Fortunately, men have access to an ample array of products that can effectively restore optimal blood flow to the penis and relax the smooth muscles for a stronger, firmer and longer-lasting erection. While Cialis is among one of the top-performing products out there, guys across the world are discovering that they can get identical benefits at a far lesser cost by purchasing generic Cialis instead.

Why Use Generic Cialis

cialis PillsLike Cialis, generic Cialis contains tadalafil as its primary, active ingredient. This vasodilator is available by prescription only and can be used to treat both erectile dysfunction and an enlarged prostate. A single, 20 mg gram tablet of generic Cialis can have an impact that lasts up to 36 hours. Moreover, the effects on erectile functionality can be perceived within just 30 minutes of having taken one of these small, almond-shaped pills. Generic Cialis is currently one of the most effective and least invasive ways to resolve erectile problems. More importantly, given the impact that tadalfil has on both smooth muscles in the penile shaft and overall blood delivery, this product is believed to resolve problems with erectile dysfunction at their source, rather than merely alleviating the outward symptoms.

Cost Benefits Of Using Generic Cialis

The primary concern among consumers when it comes to using generic pharmaceutical products is whether or not they will be able to get acceptable results. In order to be marketed and sold as generic Cialis, a product must have a sufficient amount of tadalafil as its main, active ingredient. The typical, generic Cialis tablet will be chemically similar to the brand name product. Minor changes in the appearance of the tablet and its basic, inactive ingredients are necessary for avoiding patent infringements. For these reasons, people can expect similar physiological effects from all tadalafil products, whether they are using brand name Cialis or generic Cialis.

Not only will generic Cialis have the same effects on the body as will a brand name product, but these pills are also available at a fraction of the normal cost. This is especially important for consumers for whom Cialis is not considered a covered medication. Few health insurance plans are structured to pay the full costs of erectile dysfunction medications. Opting to use a generic option can therefore save people hundreds of dollars, especially when tadalafil is used as part of a long-term treatment plan.


Tadalafil 3dThere are countless ways to secure generic Cialis. If you're curious about this drug and would like to know more about it before having a prescription filled, consider asking your doctor for a sample. Drug companies often make samples of their products available in the clinical setting so that patients can make informed decisions concerning their prescription medications. Prescriptions for generic Cialis can be filled in-store and online. Shopping the web, however, gives consumers access to the greatest selection of generic products along with countless informational resources that can be used to successfully navigate the purchasing process. Wherever Cialis is offered, lower-priced, generic options will invariably be offered as well.

The Stigma Surrounding Generic Drugs

It is important for buyers to understand the stigma surrounding generic drugs when deciding whether or not generic Cialis is right for them. Brand name prescription medications are always priced higher than their generic counterparts, however, this does not necessarily mean that they are more effective, nor does it imply that they are higher in quality. When companies manufacture generic Cialis, they do not alter the prescription formula in any way that would impact its potency or overall effects. Instead, they alter the appearance of these products and make minor changes in secondary, inactive ingredients so that the original, patented formula is not copied in full. Much like the makers of Cialis, companies that manufacturer generic Cialis have reputations to uphold. Thus, they also work hard to ensure that the likelihood of side effects is minimized and that consumers have adequate information pertaining to dosing instructions, contraindications and general use. In short, a person's response and experience when using generic Cialis is unlikely to be different from his response to the much more costly, brand name drug.